Worlds Apart: “…this book comes from the heart, and it will touch yours.”

book cover showing harbor with ships and skyscrapers

WOR(L)DS APART received its first review today!

This book is very special, starting with its origin, an exchange of mails that occurred between two women whose paths crossed on line. They were from different cultures and were leading very different lives, one in China and the other in Germany. What evolves is a friendship, and with it comes an appreciation of differences, surprising shared experiences, soaring joys and frustrating obstacles. And somehow the synergy of their knowing each other, though only through their mails and messages, crystalizes into a series of life lessons. These give this work another level of meaning, something that relates to and stays with the reader.

Everything about this book was crafted with patience and care. The writing of the two authors reveals very different voices, but a shared attentiveness and effortlessly articulate prose.

Physically, the book is a delight. Just the right size, with the subtle hues of the cover image hinting at the exotic but real adventures within. The thoughtful use of fonts makes it easy to follow the exchanges between them. The many illustrations are carefully chosen and nicely reproduced. The publisher almost seems like a third author, there is such a welcoming quality.

The feeling I want to share, having not yet finished reading it, is that this book comes from the heart, and it will touch yours.

(from Goodreads/reviews)

For more about the book, visit the book blog: Worlds Apart: 2 friends, 2 journeys, and 10 life lessons – a true story


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Dorothee Lang is into roads, stories, places, crossings, and all the things they lead and connect to.
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