Worlds Apart: “this book might change how you think”

book cover showing harbor with ships and skyscrapers

WOR(L)DS APART received 2 new reviews!


Some people ‘poo poo’ the idea that ‘real’ relationships can be fostered and nurtured in cyberspace. If you’re one of these folks, this book might change how you think. It’s called “Wor(l)ds Apart: Intersecting Journeys of Friends Who Never Met” by Smitha Murthy and BluePrint Review editor Dorothee Lang.

The authors discover that “though they are worlds apart geographically, they are merely a few words apart relationally. Their mutual discovery is captured in this” beautiful, thoughtful, and sensitive “collection of letters, essays, stories, poems, and photographs that reach from China and India to Germany and the Mediterranean Sea.” Not only is it innovative, it offers well-crafted documentary evidence of the new relational potential of the digital world in which we now live. No question — it’s worth the read.”

review by Karyn Eisler at facebook


“When I started this book, the nearly-familiar and the totally new places came to life, and I wanted to plunge in & rush through to find out all I could; but as I read, the conversation between Smitha & Dorothee unfolded, and you could feel the friendship growing. It made me want to slow down & savour it, savour the journey I was on reading about the journeys they were on.

Smitha’s “Lessons” could in other hands come across as simplistic; but after reading her chapters, they seem simple and charming.

My personal favourite part is from Dorothee’s Cambodia diary, where she relives the journey in describing it again; and yet not actually reliving it…
“That’s another lesson you learn while travelling: There is no return ticket to the place you left. Sure, you can go there again, yet it will be same-but-different: same streets but different people, same sights but different thoughts, same stars but different feelings. There are no “play again” buttons in real life. But then who wants to walk in replays anyway while there are so many unknown roads waiting to be travelled?”

(review by Julia Davies at Shelfari/reviews)


For more about the book, visit the book blog: Worlds Apart: 2 friends, 2 journeys, and 10 life lessons – a true story


About Dorothee Lang

Dorothee Lang is into roads, stories, places, crossings, and all the things they lead and connect to.
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