book cover showing harbor with ships and skyscrapers

just released!

This blog is a meeting place for the writers, editors, and readers of WOR(L)DS APART: Intersecting Journeys Between Friends Who Never Met, a book written by Smitha Murthy and Dorothee Lang. This travel narrative provides an intimate look inside a friendship that could only be forged in cyberspace.

Smitha, a citizen of India, was stationed in China as a teacher. Needing a bit of comfort, she searched the Internet for images of home and stumbled across a blog post written by Dorothee. Dorothee, a citizen of Germany, had recently visited Smitha’s hometown and posted photos and a description of her experiences. Smitha decided to e-mail Dorothee and the rest is history.

This book is an exploration of physical places that include China, India, Thailand, Majorca, and Germany. But this book is also an exploration of virtual places that include social media, memory, time, and the ever-expanding world of the English language. We hope you’ll explore these new worlds, with Smitha and Dorothee as your guides, and then share your own findings. While the conversation has already begun, there will always be more room for additional voices. We hope to hear yours soon.


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